Provenance research:


To the best of our possibilities, we would like to give to our clients provenance information’s of pieces sold by us.

The Galerie Cahn which has existed for four generations has old archives including the Münzhandlung AG (1930-1942), the Münzen und Medaillen AG (1942-1988) and the H.A.C. AG (1988-1999) companies. The objects acquired before 1999 were sold by Herbert A. Cahn. We do have considerable archival material for the MuM AG, particularly for the years 1954-1986 contrary to HAC's company archival situation which is much more fragmentary. The search for provenance may therefore prove more complex. The statute of limitations for archiving administrative documents prior to 2005 was limited by law to ten years and one day in Switzerland, meaning that we no longer have the complete history of the former companies which have been liquidated.

The Jean-David Cahn AG was founded in 1999. What you acquired directly from this company is free of charge. Provenance researches from previous now liquidated companies have to be charged as they take much more time.

  • Auction catalogue MuM 10, March 1951
  • Auction catalogue MuM 10, March 1951
  • Auction catalogue MuM 10, March 1951
Fig. 1: Auction catalogue MuM 10, March 1951. Handwritten notes by Herbert A. Cahn with lot numbers, estimations, consigners code, reserves code, written bids with code, buyers name and hammer price.


The remaining Cahn catalogues are now on sale:

Please, be aware that the catalogues we offer for sale have no written notes and some years are unfortunately out of print. Due to the demand and rarity of the catalogues, they cannot be reserved. The orders will be dealt with on the principle first come first serve. Consequently, the quote may be modified according to demand.

Single issues are for the price quoted for sale. You can also select at a reduced rate series quoted. For an order of the total catalogues available presented, a reduction of 20% is applied.

Shipping and handling costs are at the customer's expense. All the publications are stored outside the company. Therefore, the basic fee for handling is 30 CHF and the packing fee for a single publication is 20 CHF. For multiple publications, there will be a 60 CHF packing fee. Postal fees will be added accordingly.

Please find here the  list of the catalogues available.

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